Bergère de France guarantees quality products, made in France. In all its operations, Bergère de France applies the strict professional charter of FEVAD, the French federation of e-commerce and mail order professionals. As part of this charter, the following terms apply to your online purchases from us.

The right to change your mind

According to articles L121-18 and L121-20 of the French Code de la Consommation, you have the right to retract from your purchase within 7 days without any form of penalties or need to justify your choice. Any fees required to return the products remain at your charge. You will receive a full refund within 30 days of your retraction.


The right to a refund or a replacement

Products bought online can be returned up to 3 months from purchase, providing they are in perfect condition and that your receipt is included in the return package. Individually wrapped yarns will only be accepted if the wrapping has not been opened. Returned products will be refunded to your credit card or in store credit if you wish to order a replacement product. Ensure you keep a copy of your receipt featuring your customer ID number, as it will be required for all customer support.


The right to secure handling of your information

Online payment for Bergere de France USA & Canada is treated entirely by our secure banking partner Hipay. Your credit card information is entered into the secure platform and is never communicated to us. Your credit card will be debited of the amount of your order as soon as the transaction is validated by our banking partner.

Your personal information is handled and stored securely in compliance with French law. You have a right to consult, modify and delete your personal information at any time. To do so, simply send us an email at


The right to guaranteed prices

The prices of our collection are guaranteed for the whole year. All sales from Canada to USA are tax free. Sales within Canada are subject to usual TTS & TVQ rates.



As our representative office is based in Canada, any transaction will convey jurisdiction to Canada and any dispute must be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction in this country.

Legal information

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