5% Other fibres 47% recycled polyester 48% recycled cotton

About this Yarn

This round, slightly dappled yarn is made entirely from recycled materials (jeans and mineral water bottles). The innovative production process used to make it results in a yarn with the same properties as one made with brand new fibres, such as strength and good resistance to pilling. As the fibres are recycled they have already been part of finished products and have been washed a number of times, so the colour will not fade or run in the washing machine. Also, because it's not affected by sunlight, it's a great yarn for making items to embellish your home.
Initial knits up easily, resulting in an even finish whatever the stitch. It comes in a wide range of colours so you can make something for all the family - after all, the more you use, the happier the planet!
Number of balls required for one sweater:
Child age 8: 6 balls
Women's M: 11 balls
Men's L: 14 balls
Machine wash, dry flat.

14 balls

11 balls

6 balls

Estimated quantities for a Jersey point model

Wool cycle
Séchage à Plat
No bleaching
Delicate ironing
Normal dry cleaning