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69% cotton

24% chanvre

7% polyester

50 oz
120 yards

About this product

Lightly flecked fancy yarn whose rustic appearance is accentuated by a slight tweed effect.

This predominantly cotton yarn is mixed with long hemp fibres. The advantage of this fibre, which is rarely used in textiles because it is more expensive than cotton, is above all its ecological credentials. It is totally biodegradable and requires much less water to grow than cotton.

  • It is exceptionally hard-wearing and will not warp or pill, even after repeated machine washing. Hemp is very sturdy and becomes softer over time. It does not crease like linen.
  • It requires 4 mm needles, so you can complete all your summer projects very quickly. It works well between seasons too.
  • It is very supple and can be used for cable stitches without getting stiff.
  • Simple stitches mirror the rustic appeal of this yarn in your summer designs, and the little matt flecks in various shades further accentuate the effect.
  • This yarn is really pleasant and easy to work with. You can use it to make lovely knitted or crocheted items.
  • Knits are soft and comfy to wear and the yarn is highly absorbent.

Suitable for all the family, for patterns that are easy-to-wear day in, day out. A fine yarn ideal for all seasons, thanks to the properties of its materials.

1-year-old child: 3 balls

8-year-old child: 6 balls

Woman’s medium size: 11 balls

Men’s large size: 13 balls

Wool cycle
No bleaching
Delicate ironing
Normal dry cleaning