100% LIN

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100% LIN
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100% LINEN

4 ply
40 oz
100 yards

About this product

100% natural round yarn with a slightly rustic and rather matte look

Flax grown in the northwest of France is known to be the oldest textile in the world. It is an ecological fiber that does not need fertilizer or watering. In addition, all parts of the plant are usable and recyclable.

It is a thermoregulatory fiber that is cold to the touch in summer, but retains heat. It is insulating and breathable. It is very absorbent, it can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water without leaving traces or appearing wet. Thanks to its absorbent power and quick drying, it is anti-allergic.

It is a very strong fiber, it does not fluff and does not deform over the washes. It supports machine washing very well and even becomes more and more flexible and pleasant to wear.

It is a fiber recommended for fragile skin and is known to be de-stressing.

This yarn made in Bar le Duc is the only one on the market and we are proud of it.

This yarn is very pleasant and easy to work with. It allows you to make pretty knits or crochet.

The stitches are smooth and the cables are well drawn. The mesh does not deform even when this yarn is used off the gauge.

The knits are soft and comfortable to wear, the yarn is very absorbent.


Wool cycle
No bleaching
Delicate ironing
Normal dry cleaning