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A fast and straightfowrard method to learn how to knit



Knitting basics

Choose the right pattern
Pick up a skein of yarn
To ensure your first steps into the world of knitting are a complete success, it is critical not to set the bar too high! Get started on a "beginner" pattern, easy to follow as well as quick to make (such as scarves, accessories, baby designs...).
When starting a ball, it is better to take the yarn from inside the ball and not the outside. By doing so, the ball will not unwind or form knots. If you take your yarn from the inside it will unravel easier and your knitting will be quicker.
Changing skeins
Try knitting flexibly and smoothly, do not pull the yarn or your stitches will be very tight and difficult to knit.

To obtain an even tension, practice! Make small squares, doll's clothes, accessories. Practice until it becomes natural and easy to do, then move on to mittens, scarves and more. Feel free to use novelty yarns so that small imperfections go unnoticed.

Always finish the row before putting down your knitting, as your stitches can stretch and a gap can form if knitting is left in the middle of a row. Do not hesitate to count stitches as you work, you will know sooner if you have dropped a stitch or created a new one by mistake. That will mean less work to undo if you have to go back.
Always change at the beginning of a row. At the end of the last row, cut your yarn leaving a 4 in (10 cm) strand. Start the next skein of yarn leaving a 4 in (10 cm) strand at the beginning before your first stitch.