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47% Acrylic 53% Wool
100 oz
50 yards

About this Yarn

A super bulky yarn with a fluffy homespun appearance :

- Its rustic look with tweeded nuances, similar to a handspun yarn.

- Its softness and great feel; even babies will love it!

- Its fluffy texture and very light weight will ensure that coats and jackets don't stretch out.

- Economical, for a bulky yarn, you won't need too many balls for your project.

- Perfect for quick knits : it uses 12 mm needles !

- Easy for beginners to use. The strands won't split or separate.

- Its resistance and strength; it won't pill or felt.


Quantity for a sweater :

Child 8 yrs : 5 balls

Woman size M : 9 balls

Man size L : 11 balls

11 balls

9 balls

5 balls

Estimated quantities for a Jersey point model

Wool cycle
Séchage à Plat
No bleaching
No ironing
Normal dry cleaning