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KnitPro needles & crochet hooks

KnitPro is committed to delivering the best experience to knitters around the world by emphasizing the use of noble materials for its products while maintaining high standards of quality. KnitPro needles and crochet hooks represent a constant search of innovating products and materials and the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

  • Straight carbon fibre needles
    from $11.10
  • Circular carbon fibre needles
    from $13.50
  • Double-pointed carbon fibre needles
    from $13.50
  • BDF straight birch needles
    from $15.10
  • Set of 5 pairs of interchangeable circular needles
  • Set of 8 pairs of interchangeable circular needles
  • BDF birch needles
    from $9.50
  • BDF birch double ended crochet hooks
    from $7.90